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Triptych 7

Geoffrey Baris Art -  Triptych 7
Geoffrey Baris Art - Triptych 7

This is one of my art photography images from San Miguel De Allende in Mexico. Titled Triptych 7” it can be found also on my website San Miguel is a 16th century town that’s been kept historic. The town is famous for its cobble stone roads and brightly painted buildings, beautiful haciendas and churches. At one time a big percentage of the worlds gold was mined from the surrounding hills and hence the upscale town with its magnificent churches. These are a collage of some of the painted walls in the old town. Besides the vibrant colors, I was intrigued with the relationships of colors and graphics. I photographed the connection of colors, where one color started and another finished. I found these colors and shapes to be very beautiful especially when combined as triptychs. I have many of these triptychs on my website. I also like the spectrum of the earthy yellows, browns, reds, mauves and greens in combination.

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